Franz Kafka books and criticism of a litigious society.

Franz Kafka books and criticism of a litigious society.

The Metamorphosis (1915) – Franz Kafka (Senscritique, Amazon)

One of the major works of Franz Kafka which as a short novel is a good introduction to discover the author. This was written in 1912 and first published only three years later.

The Metamorphosis is a work with a pronounced aesthetic with a morbid bias retrospectively recalling the body horror cinematic movement. The story presents the daily life of Gregor Samsa, a product of his society who must follow the imperatives of his work as a trade representative to the detriment of himself.

His refusal to face this situation will be criticized by the family sphere which comes to side with society to the detriment of the son. It is a poignant work well anchored in its time and many echoes of which refer to our contemporary situation.

Eminently social, the work offers a critique that can be interpreted in different ways. Finally, the question of metamorphosis is left to the reader’s discretion. Who, Gregor or his family, ultimately changed the most during the short time of a story.

The Trial (1925) – Franz Kafka (Senscritique, Amazon)

Kafka, in his probably best-known work despite its posthumous publication, presents a concern, a fear, present in many individuals concerning the administrative and social powers of modern civilizations. The main character, Joseph K, sees himself, one morning among many others, decked out with a pointless announcement of justice. He will be dragged everywhere into more circles of the administration, an echo of Dantès’ hells where the character will find his salvation in the worst possible way.

Like the work The Metamorphosis, Kafka also explores the subject of the dichotomy between personal aspirations and social imperatives that tormented him during his life. The last chapter, quite confusing, aesthetically offers an interesting image to analyze. Nevertheless, this part like several others of the book remain obscure because unfinished by the author. So much so that the arrangement of the story was carried out by his testamentary Max Brod. However, this lack of confusing words in the work surely played its part in the aesthetic of the strange and the discomfort it provides.

The Penal Colony (1919) – Franz Kafka (Senscritique, Amazon)

Always around the subject that dominates the works of Kafka, namely the judicial system, The Penal Colony depicts in a narrative satire, the abominable conditions of the prisoners of a colonial prison. The main character, whose origin is carefully set aside, discovers like the reader, the ignominious aberrations of the prison system.

Much of the work describes the inhuman mechanism, allowing the execution machine to carry out its deathly purpose. But the underlying study is that of the officer who, after the death of the general, tries to perpetuate the darkest part of the system that the deceased soldier had put in place. As if the destiny of every human endeavor was perversion to the point of destruction.

About the author

Franz Kafka is an Austro-Hungarian author of Jewish persuasion who lived from 1883 to 1924 and quickly became one of the major writers of the 20th century. There are four of these major works and include The Trial, The Metamorphosis, The Castle and The Penal Colony. Kafka’s works present gloomy pictures where the cold administration gradually eats away at the individual who cannot compete with this bureaucratic machine.

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